Ongoing Research

Develop total artificial heart. Immediate: Promote bioengineering research in Engineering Institutes of India in collaboration with Medical Institutions, Engineering Industries and Medical device developers.

Develop and test 3D printing technology to produce innovative limbs at affordable cost for the disabled in India
Create innovative limbs at affordable cost to meet the needs of people, acknowledging their economic and health status.

The LIFE study examines socio-economic and environmental influences on children’s health and development in India. It aims to understand the link between the environmental conditions in which Indian women conceive, go through their pregnancy and give birth, as well as their physical and mental health during this period. By linking environmental factors to health outcome measures, the LIFE Study has the potential to pinpoint the root causes of many conditions that are excessively prevalent in India, including low birth weight, pre-term birth, other pregnancy outcomes and diseases or development disorders of early childhood. This study is being conducted in 40 villages in Medchal mandal and till date 1200 fertile married women in the age group 15 to 35 years have been enrolled in this study.

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in India. Morbidity due to cardiovascular disease also contributes to significant impoverishment of individuals, families and the nation. Undetected and uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes contribute to the bulk of cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality.

The REACH project has developed a dynamic model of primary health care for 40 villages of the Medchal Mandal, Andhra Pradesh. The focus of its activities has been prenatal care of pregnant women, immunization of infants and family planning interventions. REACH believes that by using a comprehensive mapping and tracking mechanisms of individuals and households, targeted service delivery is possible. This is supported by a beneficiary / household level tracking mechanism innovatively used with a GIS interface in Medchal Mandal, Andhra Pradesh. This database currently covers 8,431 households in 40 villages, comprising 45952 individuals. REACH’s intervention has been able to attain 97.49% (2011) immunization coverage along with a reduction in infant mortality and maternal mortality rates in the region. SHARE is currently supporting the replication of this model in Moinabad, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.

Other Research

Improving Antenatal Care (ANC) to enhance adherence to National ANC guidelines, including the screening, detection, referral and management of gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), using electronic decision support system enabled frontline health workers, in primary healthcare settings of India and Nepal: a cluster-randomized trial

Empowering Indian health researchers with computational modelling tools

Empowering Indian health researchers with computational modelling tools-Small Grant

Association of brain metabolites- BRAIN STUDY

R and D proposal under the ICPS program of DST

Completed Research

Invasive cervical carcinoma is a major cancer of women in the developing world. Nearly one-fourth of the new cervical cancer cases worldwide is estimated to occur in India, where a large majority is identified in an advanced and inoperable stage of disease.

The increase in the older population is most rapid in developing countries and in the oldest old. There is a need for more detailed data on the prevalence and causes of disability in these countries and also an opportunity to better understand the causes and consequences of disease by examining cross-cultural differences.

Estimate the prevalence of metabolic syndrome among the sample People Living with HIV. Explore research areas for policy making and addressing co-infection of non-communicable diseases.

Estimate the incidence of caesarean surgical site infections following caesarean sections at MediCiti Hospital. Identify risk factors associated with SSI following caesarean and to determine the bacteriological profile of SSI linked with caesarean section.

To examine the association of maternal nutritional status [i.e., first trimester body mass index (BMI); and pregnancy weight gain] with beta cell function of their infants at 6-months of age.

This study was conducted geographically distinct sites across India and SHARE India implemented this study in 2 sites. to determine the prevalence of specific antibodies (immunoglobulin G, IgG) against Dengue in healthy 5 to 10 year-old children in India under the sponsorship of Sanofi Pasteur.