Indo-American artificial heart program

Indo-American artificial heart program

Objective :
Moon-shot: Develop total artificial heart.
Immediate: Promote bioengineering research in Engineering Institutes of India in collaboration with Medical Institutions, Engineering Industries and Medical device developers.


SHARE INDIA, Hyderabad, India

  1. Dr. P. S. Reddy, Chairman
  2. Dr. Vijay V. Yeldandi, Clinical Professor of Medicine & Surgery, University of Illinois
  3. Dr. Shikha Dhawan, Director Programs, SHARE INDIA
  4. Dr. B. M. Gandhi, Chief Executive Officer, Neo Biomedical Services, New Delhi
  5. Dr. A. G. K. Gokhale, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad
Birla Institute of Technology (BITS) PILANI, Hyderabad, India
  1. Dr. Suman Kapur, Senior Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology (CBIT), Hyderabad, India

  1. Dr. P. Ravinder Reddy, Professor and Head, Mechanical and Production Engineering
  2. Mr. Rugveda Thanneeru, Research Associate

Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, (KITS) Warangal, India

  1. Dr. Venu Madhav Kotturu, Associate Dean (R&D) and Associate Professor of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
  2. Dr. Ganesh Kumar Gampa, Associate Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering
  3. Dr. Sumithra G, Assistant Professor, Dept of Mechanical Engineering

Sree Nidhi Institute of Science and Technology (SNIST), Hyderabad, India

Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Hyderabad, India

  1. Dr. P. Naveen Chander Reddy, Medical Director
  2. Dr. C. Sukesh Kumar Reddy, Sr. Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Laxven Industries, Hyderabad, India

  1. Mr. C. Ramesh Reddy, Managing Director,Electromechanical Manufacturing

Palamur Biosciences Pvt. Ltd., Mahbubnagar, India

  1. Mr. K. Venkata Reddy, Managing Director
  2. Mr. T. Vijayaragavan, Chairman
  3. Dr. D. C. Sharma, Med Tech Facility Unit

Shree Pacetronix Ltd., Indore, India

  1. Mr. Atul Sethi, Executive Director & Managing Director
  2. Mr. Aakash Sethi, Executive Director & Joint Managing Director
  3. Mr. Vikas Gokhale, Technical Director – Research

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, USA

  1. Prof. Harvey Borovetz, Professor of Bioengineering
  2. Mr. Shawn Bengston, Director of Quality Management Systems
  3. Dr. Salim Olia, Artificial Heart Engineer
  4. Dr. William R. Wagner, Director of the McGowan Institute for Regenerative Medicine
  5. Dr. Edward Klein, Director of Pathology Services at Division of Laboratory Animal Resources

Cornell Engineering, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA

  1. Prof. James Antaki, Professor of Heart Assist Technology

Inspired Therapeutics, Florida, USA

  1. Dr. Kurt Dasse, Co-Founder, President & CEO
  2. Ms. Priscilla Petit, Co-Founder, Director of Quality & Regulatory

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, USA

  1. Dr. Salim Olia, Adjunct Assistant Professor and ECMO Coordinator

enmodes GmbH, Aschen, Germany

  1. Dr. Tim Kaufmann, Chief Executive Officer
  2. Dr. Deepanshu Sodhani, R&D Project Manager

Kaarthik Moulds & Dies, Hyderabad

  1. Mr. Nagendra Chowdary G., Propertier

Funding source: Self-funding by Indian Institutions aided by SHARE INDIA and SHARE USA

Development Approach of the Project
M/s. Laxven Systems is developing Centrifugal Levitation Pump for extracorporeal LVAD and CBIT is developing Centrifugal Pump with magnetically coupled impellor and Pivot bearing. KITS also entered into the scene recently and is working on Centrifugal Pump. SNIST is working on fabrication of Centrifugal Pump impellor and housing by Injection molding. SNIST is also working on Axial Levitation Pump for implant.

Status of the Project
Blood Pump
Protocol for blood pump suitable for bench testing and pre-clinical readiness was finalized with the help of Dr. Salim Olia and Prof. Harvey Borovetz. Laxven Systems is working on a pump with rotating disk operating under the “maglev” principle which is suspended in its casing via magnetic levitation. CBIT and KITS will use the Maglev motor to develop a Centrifugal Levitation Pump with magnetically coupled impellor and pivot bearing.

Magnetic coupled blood pump P28 Prototype was 3D printed and tested using Mock loop bench testing setup with animal blood at AIG Hospital. The experiment was successfully conducted with human blood according to the ASTM 1830-19 standard for in vitro Evaluation of Hemolysis in Blood Pumps

Drawings for CENTRIMAG pump are also generated with the help of DRDO. Titanium material, which is bio compatible was received from DRDO on special request. Impeller was made by precision machining on 4 axis machining centre at Kaarthik Moulds & Dies, Hyderabad. The pump housing and impeller will be 3D printed with poly carbonate at CBIT.

Pre-clinical Studies
Palamur Biosciences (PBS) GLP animal testing facility for Pre-clinical cardiac devices testing was added as a valuable partner. The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art CathLab facility, IVUS, 4DECHO, Heart Lung Machine, animal housing facilities and OT.

PBS, CBIT and AIG successfully conducted pre-clinical investigations on effects of implantation of arterial and venous cannulae and testing arterio-venous blood flow using external ECMO pump in sheep with online support from the USA collaborators.