Improving Antenatal Care

Improving Antenatal Care (ANC)

Improving Antenatal Care (ANC) to enhance adherence to National ANC guidelines, including the screening, detection, referral and management of gestational diabetes and pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), using electronic decision support system enabled frontline health workers, in primary healthcare settings of India and Nepal: a cluster-randomized trial Principal Investigators

  1. Dr. D. Prabhakaran, Vice President (Research and Policy), PHFI, Delhi.
  2. Dr. Oona Campbell, Professor, Epidemiology, The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), UK.
  3. Dr. Biraj Karmacharya, Professor Programs, Kathmandu University of Medical Sciences, Nepal.
  4. Dr. P. S. Reddy, Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh and Chairman, SHARE INDIA.
  5. Dr. Kalpana Betha, Professor and Head, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, MIMS.

Co- Investigators

  1. Dr. Sailesh Mohan, Centre for Control of Chronic Conditions (CCCC), PHFI, New Delhi.
  2. Dr. Poornima Prabhakaran, CCCC, PHFI, New Delhi.
  3. Dr. Ajay V. S, CCCC, PHFI, New Delhi.
  4. Dr. Ambuj Roy, Department of Cardiology, AIIMS, New Delhi.
  5. Dr. Sandosh Padmanabhan, Department of Medicine, University of Glasgow, UK.
  6. Dr. Sonia Anand, Professor, Department of Medicine, McMaster University, Canada.
  7. Dr. Abha Shrestha, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Kathmandu University of Medical Sciences, Nepal.
  8. Dr. Pablo Perel, Associate Professor, Cardiologist and epidemiologist, LSHTM.
  9. Dr. Clara Calvert, Assistant Professor, LSHTM.
  10. Dr. John Cairns, Professor of Health Economics, LSHTM.
  11. Dr. Ishita Rawal, Research Fellow, CCCC, PHFI, New Delhi.

Funding source: Newton Fund.

Amount GBP 150,000.

Develop and evaluate an electronic decision support system for non-physician frontline health workers that incorporates ANC services with the screening, detection and referral of high risk pregnancies to the existing health system for appropriate clinical management.

Status of the project
Project accepted for funding and collection of data from the government PHC's is being done to plan implementation of the study.