Nursing Training Abroad          

MediCiti College of Nursing has signed a contact with Focus Care Inc. US, which is a leading service provider to the healthcare Industry, for the training of Nurses in abroad. Focus Care Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, offers training for staff nurses (GNM and B.Sc Nurses) in NCLEX-RN and IELTS and subsequent placement in the United States of America.

Aims and Objectives of the Training :

They endeavor to converge on their strengths, core competencies, zeal and the spirit of enterprises in an attempt to nurture global nursing careers by providing world-class healthcare staffing services to premium institutions globally.

Eligibility Criteria:

Online exam is conducted to the candidates and only the pass out candidates are eligible for the Nursing Training.

Procedure and Duration of the Course:

The whole process of enrolling with Focus to beginning of the job in USA could be of 14-18 months duration. The flowchart of the complete process is as given below:

Phase 1: Duration 1st - 2nd month

  • Registration,
  • Pre-assessment,
  • Signing of MOU, Service Agreement & Bond

Phase 2: Duration 3rd - 8th month

  • This phase encompasses the whole training to the nurses by both Indian and USA faculty on NCLEX-RN and IELTS. The training will be supported by a range of simulated tests in the computer labs, exhaustive data bank of sample questions and structures course material. Clearance of NCLEX-RN and IELTS exam.

Phase 3: Duration 9th - 18th month

  • This is subject to current /prevailing US visa and regulations

Examination :

The screening process at Focus would test the nurses on the following skills

  • Nursing (Content & Application)
  • English (Spoken & Written)
  • Psychometric (Aptitude & Personality)

NCLEX-RN Examination: Its a licensure exam to work as a Registered nurse in US.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) : Consists of 4 modules --> Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking . Available examination dates are for once in every 15 - 20 days


1. Zero Cost Opportunity

  • The whole package at Focus can come to nurses at zero cost, which is subject to certain conditions to be met by nurses

2. Other Benefits

  • As part of the ethical corporate policy focus provides a secured and conductive work environment for nurses to ensure smooth transition for global careers.
  • Step by step help with all aspects of the recruitment process
  • Help with immigration, processing visas, work permits and green card
  • Excellent salary package and with the gross salary of US $22 - US $32 per hour varying from various states
  • Entitled for a salary hike & reviews every one year
  • Health/Dental/Disability/Life Insurance and Retirement savings plan
  • Facility of Subsidized housing
  • Reimbursement of $500 per annum towards continuing education programs for maintenance of license.
  • A possible remuneration of up to $ 70000 per annum ($ 35 per hour) after specialization/experience
  • Paid vacation of 1-2 weeks per annum.
  • Assistance for obtaining driver license, opening bank a/c, obtaining social secure no., securing car finance, child care etc.
  • Assistance on exploring employment opportunities for other family members.