College Building

The College Building has Three Blocks, Each of 4 Floors.

‘A’ Block houses the pre-clinical departments, Community Medicine, two Lecture Halls and one Examination Hall with floor area of 5,947 Sqm.

‘B’ Block houses Para-clinical departments and Administrative chambers, Principal, Dean’s Offices and Council Hall with floor area of 5,947 sqm.

‘C’ Block houses Central Library, Two Lecture Halls, Mortuary and extension of Para-clinical departments with a floor area of 4,832 sqm.

Central Laboratories

Under the supervision of Prof & HOD Pathology. Central & experimental laboratories are managed by staff of Pathology, Microbiology & Biochemistry fully equipped with latest equipment.

Mortuary Block

A 400 sq. meters size separate building adjacent to the hospital is available with 2 Autopsy tables with proper light, ventilation and exhaust facilities with proper water supply drainage, washing arrangements and disposal of waste. The entire building is fly proff. There is an electric cooling cabinet for two cadavers with all the necessary equipments for autopsy. The autopsy room is a gallery type for 30 student’s observation.

Animal House

Under the supervision of Vet. officer live animals such as frogs, guinea pigs, albino rats, rabbits, albino mice and sheep are maintained with facilities for experimental work.

Central Library

Layout and Floor area

1,200 sqm 150 capacity.

Reading Rooms

A Central Library of about 1,200 sq ft house approx 10k books of various subjects, apart of departmental libraries. It has 3 separate reading rooms for students & staff... Beside, there are sufficient number of Indian and Foreign Journals on all the subjects under study, as per MCI norms. The Library is open from 09:00 AM to 09:00 PM for the benefit of students and all facilities like Like Medlar, internet, TV, VCR, Photocopier, TV, VCR, Xerox and Microfilm reading Internet facility available with provision for 25 nodes are available.


The hostel rooms are furnished with cots & matresses and students have separate dining spaces where nutritious food is supplied from central kitchen. Hostelites should abide by the specific rules separately given under warden & principal to maintain discipline.

Sport and Recreation Facilities

The campus has ample grounds and facilities for both Indoor and outdoor games and the collage team participates in various tournaments. It also has various equipments for gym.


Facilities of Hospital

Operation Theatre Unit

The college will provide in the hospital attached to it facilities of full fledged OT's both major and minor equipped with most modern and state of the art equipments supported by central gas system.

The OT's are as follows

10 (7 Major + 1 Casualty + 1 Septic + 1 Emergency)

2 General Surgery, 1 Orthopedics, 1 Ophthalmology, 1 ENT, 2 Obstetrics Gynecology, 1 Minor (Casualty) OT, 1 Septic, 1-Emergency.

Facilities available in each OT Unit

All these OT's are provided with equipments of life support systems such as ventilators, Defibrilators, OBG's, Pulse oximeter, etc. together with Soiled linen room, Sterilization room, Nurse duty room, Surgeons & Anaesthetists room, Assistants room, Observation gallery for students, Store room, Washing room for surgeons, Students washing up and dressing up room, Waiting room for patients

Arrangements of Anaesthesia

A full-fledged Anaesthetic care is provided with Pre and post operative wards supported by adequate life support equipments.

Intensive care Units

Seperate and fully equipped Intensive care units such as ICU, MICU, ICU of Burn Unit, SICU, PICU, NICU and OBG intensive care units are available with adequate number of beds.

Labour Room

Seperate clean and septic labour rooms are available with adequate number of beds.

Radiological Facilities

The attached hospital has facilities for X-Ray machines of various dimensions, such as 60 mA, 100 mA, 300 mA and 500 mA, 800 mA In seperate rooms with adequate protective measures.

The hospital is having a Spiral C T Scan, MRI Mammography.

Ultra sound

The hospital has three ultra-sound machines

Other Equipments


Laparoscopy equipment – Two


Gastroscopy – One


Colonoscopy – One


2D Echo cardiogramme – One


Treadmill equipment – One



Organizational set up

Supervised by Medical Superintendent assisted by 6 qualified pharmacists, The pharmacy is capable of catering to the needs of approximately one thousand out-patients and five hundred in-patients.

Central Sterilization Services Department

Fully qualified staff run CSSD for twenty-four hours. THe department has two steam sterilizers, one ETO, one ultrasonic machine, one drier, a Powering machine, a distilled water plant and an RO plant with facilities of laundry. It is capable of taking care of twenty major and forty-fifty minor operations a day.


THe complex has got seperate canteen for it's patients, students, doctors, staff and nursing students and staff nurses. At present it has three seperate canteens fully equipped with cooking range, central gas supply, manifold, washing line, bainmarie and sterilizers to prepare tasty and hyegenic food. A Central kitchen is on the anvil to cater to the needs of one thousand persons apart from supplying food for the patients and their guests/attenders at subsidised rates.

At present hospital is providing free food for it's patients.

Incinerator – Available - One

M/s G. J. Multiclave is providing Biomedical Waste Management service to the institution from 18.04.2005